COPD Treatment is Finally Changing

After a COPD flare-up, the risk of future, damaging flare-ups increases even with medication. A novel outpatient procedure may finally help reduce this risk.

Targeted Lung Denervation (TLD)

What is the procedure?

People with COPD have overactive nerves in their airways. This can lead to symptoms and flare-ups that can range from mild, moderate or severe. COPD flare-ups can further damage your lungs, making it difficult to recover to your ‘normal’ symptom levels.

The dNerva® Lung Denervation System is a new investigational device used in a non-surgical procedure called Targeted Lung Denervation, or TLD. The procedure is designed to reduce airway nerve activity, which may potentially reduce the risk of COPD flare-ups.

The Procedure

Short treatment that takes about 90 minutes

Treatment delivered through a standard bronchoscope

Once in place, targeted energy is delivered to the right and left lung to disable some of the nerves

Outpatient procedure with most patients returning home the same day