Traitement court et simple. Santé pulmonaire durable.

The dNerva® Lung Denervation System is novel, catheter-based system used to treat overactive airway nerves in a procedure called Targeted Lung Denervation. This first-of-its kind technology addresses underlying COPD pathophysiology to help preserve lung health.1,2

Non-surgical, Outpatient Treatment

The Procedure

01: Position

The dNerva Catheter threads through the working channel of the bronchoscope and is positioned in the main bronchi.

COPD Therapies

02: Inflation

The conduit and balloon are inflated by circulating the coolant through the catheter which brings the electrode in contact with the airway wall.

COPD Therapies

03: Confirmation

Confirm good contact of the electrode with the airway wall and that adequate distance from the esophagus is achieved.

04: Activation

Activation of the radio-frequency energy lasts approximately 2 minutes per position. Each bronchus is treated four times to complete circumferential ablation.

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