Patient Selection

AIRFLOW-3 is the first major interventional trial targeting reduction of exacerbations in COPD patients with a high symptom burden.

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Up to 400 Patients

Key Patient Screening Criteria

Diagnosed COPD FEV1 25-80% post-bronchodilator

40+ years old, BMI 18-35

High Symptom Burden

COPD Exacerbations: 2+ Moderate OR 1+ Severe in Past Year

Ex-Smoker 2+ Months

Dual or Triple Therapy

Current Flu Vaccine

Resting SpO2 ≥ 89% on Room Air

No Uncontrolled Gastric Symptoms

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Patient Selection

AIRFLOW-3 Trial Highlights

Trial Elements

1:1 Randomized • Double Blind • Sham-Controlled • FDA Pivotal Trial

Multicenter Trial

US and Europe

Patient Count

Up to 400 Patients

Primary Endpoint:

Comparison of the probability of subjects having a moderate or severe exacerbation between the treatment arm and the sham control arm at one year.

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Here’s what patients enrolled in the AIRFLOW-3 Clinical Trial can expect:

  • Evaluations of their COPD at a designated study location.
  • Initial hospital screening tests and procedures.
  • Monthly phone calls and two office visits during the first year after the procedure.
  • A 12-month visit, after which the patient is informed whether or not they received the procedure or were part of the Sham group. Patients in the sham group are given the option of receiving the procedure at no cost.
  • Ongoing evaluations of COPD symptoms and results over a 5-year period.

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